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Oncer Quiz

Postby oncer4eva » Sat Dec 26, 2015 12:14 pm

1. What Season and episode did Hook coem out in?
a. Season3 Episode2
b. Season2 Episode4
c. Not much of a Hooker
d. None of the above

2.What is Prince Charmings evil twin name?
1. David
2. James
3. Nolan
4. Dont know

3.How does Charming reach Snow White in the Enchanted Forest?
a. E-Mail
b. Air mail
c. A messenger
d. Are you kidding me?

4.What is keeping Gold young?
a. None of the below
b.The Dagger and Dark One power
c. Storybroke
d. All of the above except for a

5. Who was a fake Midwife?
a. The Evil Queen
b. The Wicked Witch of the West
c. The Savior
d. Snow White

How many did you get incorrect or correct?
1/5= What are you doing on this website?
2/5= Just dont.
3/5= Really?!?!
4/5=Keep studying
5/5=Thats what I call a True Oncer

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