Why people are not interested in O.u.a.t

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Why people are not interested in O.u.a.t

Postby oncer4eva » Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:23 pm

Why people are not interested in O.u.a.t

I honestly think the reason is because their fairy tales. Lots of people dont like fairytales. I asked my Uncle,Dad,Cousin,and Mom why they dont like it and i got 2 its annoying and then i ask why? One answer was it is a childish fairytale Tv Show. The other was its way to complicated and you dedicate alot of time to something when your into it and that he dosent want to be spending that much time. My Dads answer was simply "I dont like Once upon a time because im not into spending tons of money on merchandise and countless hours with my face to a screen". I sort of get that but then again you could just draw a fanfiction or read one of there comics but then again you have to buy the comics.My Mom said that she just found it boring she was watching it but it did not interest her and she quickly got tired of it. Finally my Uncle said that he has 2 children and a job so having to stay on the Once Upon A Time CAN be complicated the Comic Con Panels the show comes on Sundays with specific times and he might not make it so he would be lost.
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Re: Why people are not interested in O.u.a.t

Postby facelesscreature » Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:10 pm

As a fan of the show, it seems like people only want crime or violence in shows. Not everyone wants a show where the whole family can watch. I do like my share of violence in shows; however, I also enjoy shows like OUAT.

Family shows are what seems to be lacking these days.

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