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Re: [3x06] Ariel Discussion

Postby kewkew34 » Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:33 pm

The Wiz of Oz wrote:I believe Regina said to Rumple she was having mermaid problems...

Just rewatched all 4 seasons and I did NOT make this connection. Cool. That's why I love coming on this forum.
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Re: [3x06] Ariel Discussion

Postby NickyHelp » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:07 pm

Jennie wrote:
ihr wrote:You are far too kind to Snow. She feels cheated and she has every right to feel this way, but the way she worded her secret conveyed other emotions. What I heard was "Emma, you're not what we expected, I can't be the parent I want to be, so let's make a replacement so I can be the parent I want to be"

I think you're being far to hard on Snow. She included Emma in her secret because that was the only reason it was a secret. If she wasn't worried about hurting Emma's feelings it wouldn't have needed to be a secret at all. She wants to be a real mother to Emma, but I think she has finally realized that that is impossible given the circumstances. Snow and Charming had something precious stolen from them. Something that can never be replaced. But they can try to have something precious again with a new baby. That's all I took from the secret other than Snow's feelings of guilt about wanting something for herself.

I think as parents, those feelings of guilt are the hardest for us to reconcile at times. We live for our children so much, that we sometimes feel guilty for doing anything just for ourselves.
Yeah I agree. You're all being to hard on Snow. And since season 2, she was trying the be the mother Emma wanted, and ever since she came back to her life, she said didn't want to lose her. And anyway, when first time in the Enchanted Forest (her birth place) Emma realized then that she was wrong about her parents and misjudged them when realizing that they gave everything they owned just to save her when seeing her would be nursery. And also, Emma said herself that Regina is the one they should all be blaming for this. And after Emma realized that after Geppetto confessed about the wardrobe and how Snow was somehow cheated on going with Emma in the first place, she was seen looking sorry for her even when the toymaker gave his apologies. Emma didn't argue about her mother wanting another child. Even though she was being a little dismissive to her, she was always seen in talking to her mother alot while in Neverland. And she was afraid to lose both her parents if she leaves the island with them.

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