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Postby NickyHelp » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:42 pm

NickyHelp wrote:We seen plenty of those things in other tv shows and movies where we are thought to believe who is the villain or culprit (which seemd too obvious) at first before it goes down to someone else we would never suspected like:

General Martok was the changling instead of Gowron in Star Trek Deep Space Nine (before we meet the real Martok soon).

Bellweather being the culprit instead of Mayor Leodore Lionheart in Zootopia.

Peter Pettigrew being the real traitor and selling Harry's parents to Voldemort instead of Sirios Black.

Professor Quirrell being the real thief of the Sorceror's Stone instead of Snape.

Stinky Pete being the one who turned on the TV and not Jessie in Toy Story 2.

Voldemort (memory of a diary) being the culprit of the Chamber of Secrets from the beginning by framing and acting through others.

Misdirection is a good way to go, and hopefully this will be part of it, but we’re still essentially stuck to the Core Three unless some outside, unlikely entity (like the Black Fairy) is connected behind the scenes. In such a case it truly could be anyone, but not really. (The Fairy made me do it!) That’s a possibility, though I’m not sure what to think of it. At any rate, there should be some unexpectedness but reasonable believability with the “how” and “why” as well. It's a tricky balancing act.

It could also be someone like Cora as she would do such a thing, but making it a person dead/not on the show wouldn't serve a whole lot of purpose. (Doesn't mean they wouldn't do it)
I forgot to mention that the show did have some misdirections like:
1. Henry though Violet meant what she said to him which broke his heart. Until later on, she never meant it. It was Emma who forced her to say those things after ripping her heart out to break Henry's heart just to get a tear from him to free Merlin. It was a foul crime.

2. We assumed that Emma was the villain when she was a dark one, until we found out that Hook was the big problem, which the writers lied about before s5 aired saying Emma will be the big bad. And you wonder why the series sunk because the viewers and GA viewers do not seem to care for their relationship (when people Like Snowing seem to be the ones they want) and felt deceived for what seemed to be planned.

3. It was assummed that Zelena cast the second curse, before we found out that it was Snow and Charming. But they only did it for a good reason and because they were out of other options.

4. It was also assumed that Snowing sent the message and memory potion to Hook to give Emma. But it wasn't from them, it was Baelfire.

5. We all assumed that Lancelot died since season 2, before he was revealed to still be alive in season 5. Which shows us that Cora lied from the beginning. The same for the Dragon. Since s2, Adam did hint us not to trust what Cora said and that maybe Lancelot is still alive.

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