Highlights from the interview with Writers-Season 3

Once Upon a Time spoilers for seasons 1-2.

Highlights from the interview with Writers-Season 3

Postby HappyEndings » Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:45 am

Highlights from the interview:

"Neverland had mermaids." They always wanted Ariel and saved her for Neverland. How she got to Neverland will be revealed in the first 11 episodes.

•The Grumpy-Ariel video is not canon. It was just a promotional video to show that she would be appearing on OUaT season 3. The show wasn't in production yet, so it was a fun video to introduce Ariel.

•The balance between Storybrooke and Neverland: At first the season will be Neverland heavy, but Storybrooke will have a presence. And, both stories will meet.

•The beginning of the season will focus on Neverland and those people on the ship. The season will be more focused, so some characters may not be seen each episode.

•In addition to Ariel, Tinker Bell will show up and Peter Pan in Neverland. Not many other new characters this season. Robin Hood will show up again.

•There will still be flashbacks in season 3, but not in the season premiere. In episode 2, it's a Snow-Charming-Evil Queen flashback similar to from season 1. Then the flashbacks are: episode 3 is Regina, episode 4 is Rumple, and episode 5 is Hook.

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