Anastasia curse theory

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Anastasia curse theory

Postby facelesscreature » Fri May 15, 2015 6:10 pm

Wasn't sure if I should post this here or under 'Theories'. Anyway:
Apparently, it has never been explained how Anastasia never aged in Wonderland during the curse. Here's my thoughts on the subject.


explanation 1:
Time works differently in Wonderland. It is essentially like Neverland where people never age while they are there. In the episode 'Hat Trick', it is implied that Jefferson had been in Wonderland before he came to the EF. We also know that Jefferson was able to "realm jump" before Regina became the Evil Queen. It's possible that Jefferson didn't age while he was in Wonderland, since he looked the same after Regina became the Evil Queen. If you apply this to Jefferson, the same can be applied to Anastasia.

explanation 2:
Cora taught Anastasia how to shield herself from the Dark Curse by means of magic. Unlikely though, since Cora wouldn't have known about the curse at the time.

explanation 3:
Anastasia made a deal with the Caterpillar in exchange for youth as a means of staying young while Alice was away. Unlikely, but still possible.

explanation 4:
Anastasia made a deal with Jafar in exchange for youth until Alice returned. Possible, since Ana was working with Jafar before the curse. Also, while Jafar had a genie, he could have wished immortality for both of them.

explanation 5:
Time is no different than the EF. When the curse hit, Wonderland temporarily became similar to Neverland for 28 years. After Emma broke the curse, time went back to normal.

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