TV LINES: Matt's Insider 4/24/14

Once Upon a Time spoilers for season 3.
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TV LINES: Matt's Insider 4/24/14

Postby The Wiz of Oz » Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:18 pm

Can we expect any more development between Once Upon a Time’s Hook and Emma? Or Regina and Robin Hood? –Charlee
On the Hook/Emma front — specifically, the matter of his damning next kiss – series cocreator Eddy Kitsis points out, “Right now, Emma doesn’t seem so interested in kissing him. So we’ll have to see if that changes.” As for the simmering “OutlawQueen,” he says, “You will see that the only thing standing in their way is Regina’s sister [Zelena], who will test whether or not she has really changed.” Reflecting on Regina’s long road to romance, Kitsis says, “It’s taken 60-some episodes to get to this moment of Regina opening her heart, so we’re gratified the audience came with us on that ride.”

Please tell me you have some good spoilers for Once Upon a Time’s Rumple/Belle fans? It would be nice to get something positive for once! –vab
I was valiant like a prince in trying to get you the goods, during my May Sweeps Q&A with the creators. So when Eddy Kitsis offered up the usual, “Fans should keep watching,” I pressed for more. Adam Horowitz responded, “Rumple and Belle are a relationship that has had many challenges, but what we love about them — and what the fans can look forward to — is that no matter the adversity, the light and hope and optimism at the core of Belle will continue to fight on. You’ll see that as the rest of the season plays out.” And if you relished as I did the overdue scene where Belle gave Regina guff for her long captivity, Kitsis promises “more stuff with Emilie [de Ravin] coming up that we thing is some of heer best work on the show.”

The photo you released of Once Upon a Time Episode 320 has a girl with what looks like the classic blue-and-white checkered Dorothy dress. Any chance you can give us more on her? –Jacquelyn

That’s Matreya Scarrwener playing Dorothy. You may know the ingenue from… hmm… a Season 3 episode of The Killing, maybe?
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