[4x13] Unforgiven

Once Upon a Time spoilers for season 4.
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Re: [4x13] Unforgiven

Postby OnceUponAFan » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:44 pm

Samantha wrote:
OnceUponAFan wrote:
Samantha wrote:
OnceUponAFan wrote:This is a stretch but is Belle pregnant? I read a spoiler that there is a surprise pregnancy this season, and I'm just wondering if that was the congratulations? Though if it were in sure there would be more in the promos about it!

I believe that spoiler was from a blind item that was for one of the ABC shows and so i am not sure if it is even OUAT but when the producers were asked that in regards to regina the decided not to answer but i have a feeling no one is pregnant (ouat is not good with pg s/l look at snow's)

As for the congratulations i think it would be a little fast for those two to know or even for the show to incorporate it i am pretty sure they are talking about her marriage that raised her status to rumple since the last time they saw her she was his prisoner(or house keeper) and now she is his wife or that she that she has a shop if you read the beginning of the dialogue they are talking about the shop so that could also be what they are congratulating her about.

That's what I thought too but in in some teases from OUAT they mentioned a surprise pregnancy so I have no idea

(This was only a few days ago btw)

That is an old spoiler that seem to not want to stop it has been out there for months and it keeps circulating and ouat producers don't help by being advaisive when asked if regina or belle is pg but i think none of them are pregnant as of now

I know it was an old rumor and I went looking again to see if I could find what I saw but I can't link it up here. It was something about a baby boom and now I'm guessing that it was referring to malificent being pregnant!
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