Scenes for what episodes of S5

Once Upon a Time spoilers for season 5.
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Scenes for what episodes of S5

Postby NickyHelp » Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:56 pm

I may have figured out which scene goes to which episode chronological. It may not be perfect, but this is real enough.

Last Rites 5x21:

-Written by Jerome Schwartz. ... 0803108864

-Directed by Craig Powell. ... 4564712448

-Casting Call: PRINCE MARCUS: Late 30s-Late40s. Looks and acts like he was born to be King. He is wise, handsome, and authoritative. A ruler who will deal harsh justice when it is necessary, but he also knows the power of kindness and forgiveness. ... arcus-late

-3/2-Lana, Sean, Rebecca, Jason Burkhart, and Raphael A. filmed at Central Park in Burnaby. ... 1284684800

-3/2 Scene description: Roland runs to Robin and then Zelena comes in. Robin, Regina, and Zelena talk about something, and she poofs away. ... 3075780608

-3/2-Scene description: Definitley a reunion scene between Robin and Roland. R: “Papa!” R: “Oh Roland!” Spins him around. ... 8499317760

-Jacob and Nathaniel will first appear in this episode. ... ting-calls

-3/3-Robert and Jen interior scene filmed at Storybrooke town hall. ... terday-for

-3/3-Emma and Zelena conflict scene filmed at Storybrooke town hall. ... 5993664512 ... rt-langley

Only You 5x22:
-Written by David H. Goodman and Andrew Chambliss. ... 9785078784

-Directed by Romeo Tirone. ... e-director

-Jacob and Nathaniel will both appear in this episode. ... ting-calls

-3/7-Scene filmed in the tunnels.

-3/15-Jennifer, Lana, Colin, Ginnifer, Josh, Amy, Rebecca, Beverley Elliott, Jason Burkhart, Michael P. Northy and Raphael Alejandro filmed in Steveston. ... uivO9IrKM- ... uiwJtIrKM_

-3/15-Jen and Lana filmed in an alley in Steveston. ... 4171471872

-3/15 Scene Description: So Merida leads the group of Camelot people I’m assuming, little John and Roland walk through as well (idk what’s happening) I’m like 99% sure there are Arthur and Guinevere stunt doubles cause it looks like them but it’s not the actors.And then zelena does something with the dagger probably closing it idk honestly lol. Killian Charming and Snow are behind her and they looked like they get pulled and then the dorks start dancing around and flailing their arms lol. Everyone keeps laughing when we probably shouldn’t. So I have no idea what’s going on. We can’t really hear anything soooooooo.

-3/15-Scene Description: Zelena opens a portal for the Camelot people and something happens. So zelena tells them to “step away” and David and snow ask her “what’s going on” then snow yells Zelena’s name before being sucked it the portal.

-3/15-Emma and Hook scene walking in front of Granny’s holding hands. They kiss.

-3/15-Merida, Little John, and Roland go through the door portal in Storybrooke.

-3/15 Hook and Emma scene description: Well they were holding hands and walking towards grannys all adorable like they are. They were talking but I couldn’t hear. And then for one of the takes at least, she leans in and they kiss for quite a while and it was all perfect and hook stays and emma walks towards grannys.. The kisses varied between takes, but I hope they use the long one ;) ... d-the-kiss

-3/15 Scene Descriptions: So the first scene they were filming was people going through the door to Camelot I assume.. Merida was there and she and little John and Roland go through with a bunch of Camelot extras. I think maybe guinivere had a double stand in but I’m not sure. Next scene zelena uses a want to open the door that they go through and she tells hook and snowing to stand back but they all get sucked into it.. Possibly. They didn’t go through the door, but they got sucked toward it in some way
Next scene: CAPTAIN SWAN strolling down the street looking adorable and holding hands to grannys, Emma kisses him (its a good one) ... ntil-i-get

-3/15-Granny seen on set with a baby. Most likely baby Neal. ... ng-through

-3/14-Robert Carlyle, Jared Gilmore, and Olivia Steele-Falconer filmed in Gastown which was made to look like New York. ... .Vui7ENIrK

-3/17-Stunt scene filmed.

-3/22-Maja Aro did stunt filming for Ginnifer/Snow.

-3/22-Jared and Olivia Steele-Falconer filmed in Gastown made to look like New York.

-3/22-Lana and Jen filmed in Gastown made to look like New York.

-3/22-Scene Description: Emma and Regina I think get out a cab and talk while walking towards the building Rumple went into 2 weeks ago. ... 1837436929

-3/22-Lana and Robert shot a scene inside a Chinese grocery store in Chinatown. No photos allowed. Mostly filmed inside.

-3/28-Robert, Jared, Olivia Steele-Falconer, Lana, Jen, Colin, Ginny, Josh, Hank Harris, and Rebecca Mader filmed at the Vancouver Art Gallery made to look like New York. ... vspiNIrKM8

-3/28-Rumple confirmed to be wearing his wedding ring.

-3/28 Fan Account: It was a great day on set, lots of fun things happening in this finale, even though I’m still majorly confused! haha! Colin was in a great mood, Jen was adorable and in full on burrito!mo mode, Zelena and Regina HUGGED, CS hugged and held each other, Daddy Charming and his baby girl hugged complete with hand on her head, Henry looks like he’s saving the day and there were A TON of extras involved with the scene! Huge production. Beautiful day. Wonderful cast! ... this-class

-3/29-Jen, Colin, Jared, Olivia Steele-Falconer, Lana, Ginny, Josh, Rebecca, Sam Witwer, and Hank Harris filmed in Steveston/Storybrooke. ... vsyNtIrKM-

-3/29 Scene Breakdown: 1. Henry, Regina, Emma and Violet drove up in the bug and got out. Henry and Violet talk and Emma/Regina watch. Henry, Regina, Emma and Violet drove up in the bug and got out. Henry and Violet talk and Emma/Regina watch. Henry leaves kinda sad and go. 2. The scene with the car = Charming drives, snow zelena and hook get in. They drive around grannys. 3. Emma and Hook filmed two conversations.

-3/29 Scene Description: Lana, Jared and Sam scene. Regina and Henry are talking then the new character shows up, Regina says “who the hell are you?” and they talk. The new character ends up walking away from them to Regina’s car. Regina and Sam’s character talk for a little then he gets into the driver’s seat. ... h-30-2016/

-3/29 Scene Description: The first one it’s Emma getting out of her car I believe so (they blocked parts of it) and then Charming, Killian, Zelena, Snow and then the guy from yesterday’s spoilers got out of the car. They walk into Granny’s and cs is last they’re holding hands and then they do the adorable lifting up kiss.

-4/2-Rebecca Mader filmed exteriors on a blue screen.

-4/2-Colin, Rebecca, and Josh filmed.

An Unknown Story 5x23:

-Written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz: ... 9778300928

-Merida will return for the finale. ... d5ee2a7238

-3/7-Funeral scene filmed with Amy Manson, David PG, Mig Macario, Beverley Elliott, Jason Burkhart, Michael Coleman, Lee Arenberg, Gabe Khouth, Colin, Jen, and Lana. Other characters filmed but fans were asked not to share photos and keep them a secret.

-3/3-Amy Manson filming scenes ahead for 5x23 at Fort Langley. ... 8499701760

-3/3-Jen, Josh, Lana, Sean, Robert, and Amy filmed at the Storybrooke hall. ... tkB-n0rKM-

-3/7-Filming done at Riverview hospital. ... 5674948608

-3/8 filming locations with Bex, Arthur, JMO, Jared, and two babies.

-3/8-Amy and Rebecca filmed by a river.

-3/8-Sean filmed. ... uire&hl=en

-Liam Garrigan filmed in March. No specific dates or episodes made public. ... m-garrigan

-3/23-Rebecca Mader and Teri Reeves filmed.

-4/2-Women dressed in EF clothing filmed. ... 2054761472

-10/22-Liam and Joana filmed with Amy, Lana, Jared, and Olivia during the day.

“The characters from Camelot were apparently saying goodbye to one another. Merida was caring Arthur as if he was a prisoner. They cross what seems like a portal. – At night it wasn’t possible to see the scene, but the woman with the weird skin, like Rumple’s, and dark clothes, apparently from FTL, passed us in a car with Lana and Ginny. I may be wrong because it was dark. – Many people were dressed like “death”, maybe 10, just like the Caronte from 5×02.”

From what see, The funeral scene (like other funeral scenes) take place in the beginning, and with Robin appearing with Merida, Emma, David and Regina, I am not sure if it is his funeral. Most likely it is someone else's. Merida seems to have returned as she spoiled us she was filming early march for the finale. And it was for 5x23. That seems to prove it. It seems likely that Roland and the Merry Men never left. We'll have to wait and see.
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Re: Scenes for what episodes of S5

Postby The Wiz of Oz » Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:35 pm

there is a spoiler thread for each episode already available in the episode spoiler threads. thats where u should post spoilers and behind the scenes stuff
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