Who is Anastasia?

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Who is Anastasia?

Postby facelesscreature » Tue Nov 15, 2016 3:31 pm

A while ago, it was confirmed by the creators that Anastasia isn't related to Cinderella at all. Obviously, this was probably a last minute change.
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However, Jafar's dialogue about "a prince choosing Anastasia's stepsister over her" still remains.

She seems to be from the same EF as Will Scarlet and Robin Hood; however, she might have a connection to the Land of Untold Stories. This would explain why she didn't seem to age during the Dark Curse.

Or maybe... Anastasia is from a parallel EF realm where Cinderella's story is different?

Any theories on this?
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Re: Who is Anastasia?

Postby PunkMaister » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:01 pm

It could be but even OUAT's "Earth 1" EF characters are different from the ones we read in the books. As the hatter once explained I'd because the writers never see the whole thing just visions and fragments from which they use their imagination and personal world experience to build upon.
That's why Hook is drawn in Victorian style down to the mustache. Why Superman used to wear underwear because it was akin to the strong man shows that still were the rage in the 1930s at carnivals.

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