Colin's own show?

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Colin's own show?

Postby SamOfSherwood » Wed May 10, 2017 8:11 am

Hi Oncers, new here, so I was thinking, with the future of the show now uncertain with Jennifer's departure, don't you think it would be fun for Colin to have his own show? The tales of the infamous Captain Hook pre-Storybrooke, I think that could be a lot of fun!
I've created a petition for ABC, Colin has thousands, probably millions of fans out there, we just need to reach them.
I wish nothing but the best for Jennifer but it seems unfair to me his fate is so tied with her departure, he is still so keen about his character & he said at SDCC he loves playing the old bad boy Hook so, let's help him get what he wants.
So many people are saying they won't watch a show without Emma & that probably means cancellation & the character of Killlian Jones lost to TV history & he is just too good for that.
If ABC are watching for fan reaction to Jennifer's news then I'd say this is not hopeful.
Sign my petition, let's give Colin his own show, they already have the sets, they can bring back young Baelfire, Smee, Adam Croasdell said it sounded cool, Peter Pan (loved Robbie Kay) ~ there's Tiger Lily now.
What do you think? want to help me out? C'mon Oncers, let's rally behind our Captain!
Killian is so much more then just Emma's love interest. ... s-own-show


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