What If.....

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What If.....

Postby The Wiz of Oz » Wed Dec 07, 2016 1:30 am

I find it real weird Robin hasnt aged a day in the Wish Realm.
What if the Robin Hood we are seeing is really Roland.
Think about it Roland was about 3 or 4 years old before the curse was cast. Robin Hood was give or take in his mid 30s .. So if you add about 30s later in Wish Realm we have a Roland who is in his mid 30s and happen to look exactly like his father Robin Hood.
What if Roland took on the name Robin Hood to honor his father.
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Re: What If.....

Postby facelesscreature » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:13 pm

I've thought about this too. The wish world has a lot of unexplained things.

How has Granny not died from old age yet?
How did Baelfire not age over a century to become Henry's father?
Are the dwarves immortal too? They haven't aged either.

I guess because the wish world is basically Emma's ideal dream world, the characters can be ageless. Maybe time in the wish world only affects Emma's family?
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Re: What If.....

Postby misy » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:34 pm

Or like in LOST's flashsideways- "there is no time here"
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Re: What If.....

Postby jujubee » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:28 pm

The Wish World has been bothering me, too. So here's what I think (and deeply HOPE), for what it's worth:

First and foremost there are a couple things to keep in mind when it comes to the WW (or Wish Realm, whatever). While it is primarily based off of Emma's wish to "not be the Savior", it was made secondhand by the Evil Queen. So in truth, it is a strange amalgam of the perceptions of what both Emma and the Evil Queen think this would mean.
Also, this doesn't seem to be a parallel world, as it were, but a world that suddenly came into existence fully formed the instant the wish was made. misy's idea of "there is no time here" seems to apply for the reason that this is in fact a Wish; it's making stuff out of nothing, so there aren't necessarily any hard and fast rules.

1) Pathetic Emma
I know people are upset over this, and I get that, but for me it's a misunderstanding of what's really going on. Rather than a direct representation of what Emma would actually be like without being the Savior, it seems to be more about what the Evil Queen believes she would be. And I think we can agree that she understands very little about Emma or even how the Charmings would raise their daughter.

2) Granny, the Dwarves
This comes back to the "there is no time here" concept. But also, in the Evil Queen's mind the WW is supposed to act as a kind of trap. Therefore, by keeping around all the people real Emma is used to seeing on a daily basis, it prevents her from questioning the reality of the WW too much and keeps her, in a way, complacent. On the opposite side, Snow and Charming are old because they should be in order to properly be Emma's parents.

3) Henry and Baelfire
Refer in part to above. When it comes right down to it, if Henry weren't around Emma would instantly and instinctively sense something was wrong. Same with Baelfire being his father; if he weren't, Henry wouldn't be "Henry", again leading to Emma sensing something wrong. As far as Baelfire being a hero, I think that goes to the romanticizing of the WW and the idea that everything would be Fairy-Tale-Perfect if Emma didn't need to be the Savior.

4) Young Robin
For this one, let's note a few things first.
Note #1: When David made his wish to Aladdin, at first it seemed like it had no effect. But then a couple minutes later the Evil Queen is walking down the street when the Hooded Figure walks up and turns her into the snake David refered to her as earlier. I always assumed this was the culmination of his wish. Added to this is of course the bitter irony that in realizing this wish, David has inadvertently brought the Hooded Figure "destined" to kill his daughter into SB. As they say "wishes go bad". (Also note that - if I recall correctly - the Evil Queen said something like "that didn't take long", which I believe referred to Emma and Regina's return from the WW. Meaning that the Evil Queen knew they'd return, just not so soon.)
Note #2: Regina's earlier wish proved that she and the Evil Queen are still the same person.
All of which brings us to this conclusion (I read this on a comment somewhere - sorry can't remember where - so I can't take credit for it [disappointingly], but it does make perfect sense.): David's wish brought Robin into the WW. "To get what she deserved" led to the Evil Queen being turned into a snake and Regina finding Robin as she remembered him, at least physically.

5) Rumplestiltskin
This is, sadly, the one anomaly I have no good explanation for. Based on what both the Evil Queen and Emma knew of him, there's no reason for him to have wanted to cast the Dark Curse. Not when he has access to a magic bean, nor when Baelfire seems to have returned to the EF or maybe never even left. Even if was for simple revenge, perhaps for Baelfire's death, there'd be no use for a Savior to be built into the curse. The lack of squid ink for his escape doesn't bother me because I'm not sure the Evil Queen knew about that, so the WW could have been informed by her lack of knowledge. But then there's also Hook's non-revenge. Maybe he thought permanent imprisonment for Rumple was enough? Or maybe, seeing as Baelfire was still in EF, Hook was never involved with Milah so never became Captain Hook and had no need for revenge? For the time being, I'll assume that this will be explained in future. But the Rumple thing? Still at a loss.

So there it is! Sorry for the Very Long post, but I wanted to get all of the "theories" explained properly. (I'm not sure how "theoretical" any of this post actually is. And the fact I had to go through all this much thinking and explaining is a bit of a problem. Especially since it may not even be right. And when it comes down to it, decisions were often made because the writers wanted certain characters to be in certain places at certain times.)

As a side note, Roland as WW Robin is a good idea and I for one could get on board with it. It's just that, personally, I really feel like it's supposed to be the simple WW version of Robin.

Congratulations and BIG THANKS to anyone who actually read the whole thing.

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Re: What If.....

Postby facelesscreature » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:04 am

This makes the most sense, jujubee.

The short version:
The wish realm is just a alternate world where no time passes. It's kinda like the EF version of SB in the first season. It was created by both Emma's and the Evil Queen's perception of what a world without the savior looks like.

Also, I like the idea that David's wish created Robin Hood for Regina. In a sense, David's wish caused both Regina and the EQ to "get what they deserve" since they are the same person. This should also mean that there is a price to pay for Robin Hood as well.

Good job explaining it!

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