Once Upon a Time theories.
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Postby H.C » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:49 pm

If there is something special, Jekyll and Hyde & Regina and The Evil Queen represented this season, is that everybody has both good and Evil sides. All of this show we are represneted with Evil vs. Good, Light vs. Darkness, and Villains and Heroes. Clearly it isn not going to change, as most of stories, the kind that are in this show, are all about Godd and Evil.
I've been thinking a lot about the ending of Once Upon a Time, and here I came into an amazing idea. I think that when we are trying to theorize about this show, we really need to try and think of the most unobvious ways of thinking.
We are represented this season with an important isuue, that I think no one is looking on it in the right way. I really would like to give a new perspective about things, and maybe show you something that no one yet realized.
If we've learned this season something important, is that Good and Evil, Light and Darkness come together. Recently we found out the same thing stands also about Hero's and Villains. A Saviour always has a Villain!
Regina's situation with the Evil Queen, may help me demonstrate what i'm about to say.
Regina said to Zelena in Ill Boding pattern, (when Zelena returns The Evil Queen in her Cobra cage):
"This one's my fault. How did I ever think that removing my evil half would change anything? When I saw Robin in that Alternate world it was a test... to see if I could move forward, and I failed. Well I thought I was rid of you for good, Queenie, But I guess I'll always be paying the price for what you did, for what I did."
Well, I think that she actually gives away by what she said, what is about to happen.
The way I see it, as it presneted in the show, The Dark One's powers holds all of the Darkness, and the Evil side in the world.
The Saviour's in the show (Alladin & Emma), Maybe there are going to be more, (The writers did say something about more saviours that are going to come to the show) -- they represent the light, and the Good in it.
Regina finally starts understand, that the Evil Qeen, is part of who she is. The classic solution, and Ending for her story is by merging the Evil Queen back into her, so she'll have control over her. Killing the Evil Queen, is the easy way to get rid of her. But, as Hyde said before - getting rid of Evil is not easy as you think. -- there is always going to be a dark side for you. Even if you get rid of it, you still have a potential for new darkness that can rise.
My point is, that the cliche, is that good wins while bad loses. But, here with Regina we can see, that Good and Bad is not enough. That one needs eccept himself, for who he is, the bad and the Good, and together they can conquer the world! The Easiest way for ending the show, is by defeating Evil, and Removing the Dark One's powers for good.
But, here's a problem. The world is built from Light and Darkness. There is no good without bad, there is no Light without Darkness. There are no Heroes without Villains.
I think, that If the writers of OUAT really want to give a respected ending for this show, a smart ending, with a great meaning, is by showing that.
I think, that there could be a merge between the Saviour's powers to the Dark One's powers. By bringing it together, it would end all of Storybrooke's suffering.
It's like, the world was made by good and Evil, and there is no saparation. They are together.
This way, it would be easy to finish the Lily-Emma story. (Lily holds Emma's dark side). The EQ and Regina will merge to one. Rumple will finally be freed from the Dagger's magic, The Black Fairy will be defeated.
It would be like... the end of the show! -- And it would be epic if there would be an Eclipse. Dark and Light together, Good and Evil together, and a HERO AND A VILLAIN together! (One will be also a Hero, and also a Villain). It just makes sense, and it could really happen -- if the writers think like me... HAHA :lol:
I'll be okay if they have another idea, but still, it's just feels to me like it would be right! And it would be so much meaningful.
So, I hope you like my theory. And feel free to spill out your thoughts. :-)
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Postby facelesscreature » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:57 am

I like these ideas. I definitely think that a new savior will be in the S6 finale.

Regina merging with EQ again is starting to look like the best solution. Even if they use the magic sword to kill the EQ, a price would have to be paid. Also, according to Rumple, using the sword doesn't make someone a hero.

Merging dark and light magic has also been foreshadowed before -- such as Regina and Emma combining their magic to save SB in S2. This would make sense, and I would like this for an ending.

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