A few thoughts about OUAT continuation possibilities

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A few thoughts about OUAT continuation possibilities

Postby H.C » Mon May 01, 2017 2:11 pm

I don't know what's with you guys, but since the moment Isac told Henry that the last pages are about the final battle, a thought creeped my mind... Well, it doesn't really matter. Because as we saw before, there were other books that ended. Henry and Violet were in a library with lots of other books that were written. Also, in the wizard's house, there were also blank books. Maybe it's a sign that a new story is a about to be written tooo.
After all, all of the show started with Snow White and Charming's wedding. So, it seems like the show could end, but there is an opportuinity to begin another book, and another story.
There is a confirmation for a seventh season, so there has to be something to continue with.

Another thought that came to my mind, after watching episode 19 -The Black fairy, was the creepy similarity between the Black Fairy's moon mark on her wrist to Lily's star. It reaaly made me wonder why they ditcherd Lily's story. Could it be that the writer are planning to continue with it in another possible season??
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Re: A few thoughts about OUAT continuation possibilities

Postby facelesscreature » Mon May 01, 2017 3:12 pm

I thought about Lily and Emma's tattoos as well. I think it was meant to be a parallel between saviors and their villains. However, it could be nothing.

Lily made selfish decisions because she had Emma's darkness. It's a running theme that dark magic can corrupt anyone. I'm guessing Lily's father must be someone important to Emma's family. I have no idea who it could be though.

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